3 Self-Help Gurus You Should Be Following

I am sure that anyone who is interested in the Law of Attraction and self-help would have probably heard of the famous self-help guru known as Napoleon Hill. Today, Napoleon Hill is probably one of the most recognized and famous figure in the self-help industry, thanks to his publication known as “Thick and Grow Rich”, which is a compilation of his findings after interviewing and talking to more than 500 successful people in the world.

In respect to Hill and the other people who have helped to make this self-help industry a success and allow us to be achieving the kind of dreams we want in our own lives, here are some of the more famous self-help figures of all times – so that we can imagine their voices in our head urging us to strive harder for our goals whenever we feel like giving up.

1)Napoleon Hill.

The first person, of course, would be Napoleon Hill, as has been mentioned before. Napoleon Hill’s story started when he met Andrew Carnegie, one of the most famous men in America, as a newspaper reporter. In his conversation with Carnegie (who was a success in the steel industry at that time), Hill found out that Carnegie believed that success was not really a matter of luck, breeding, or ancestral backgrounds, but that there was a simple formulaic process that anyone could learn and apply in order to become successful in life. Hill found this really interesting, and he was shortly asked by Carnegie whether he would like to interview at least 500 other successful people to try and figure out what the formula was and pen it into a publication for the good of all mankind. In return, Carnegie would write Hill a letter of recommendation.

Hundreds of interview and more than 20 years later, Hill finally completed his first publication also known as “The Law of Success”. By then, he was doing it not because of Carnegie, but mainly for the good of all mankind and his interest. At that point of time though, people were still pretty skeptical regarding him and his publication, and it did not gain a lot of interest. Close to ten years after his first publication and after perfecting his ideas, Hill came out with a new book called “Think and Grow Rich”. Maybe it was because the book was published in the middle of the Great Depression that it became an instant bestseller, and it is still being regularly reprinted and circulated even up till today. Any one who is interested in self-help or self development would probably have heard or came across this book at some point of time in their lives before.

2)Dale Carnegie.

Another famous self-help guru of all time would have to be Dale Carnegie. Dale Carnegie is the author of the all- time famous book also known as “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. In his manual, he offers advice that seemingly almost reads like a manual for success in almost anything in life that would be involving people, ranging from getting jobs to family to friendships and relationships. One of his more famous and yet simple tip would be to get other people to talk about themselves first if you really want them to like you!

Dale Carnegie was born in a poor farming family in Missouri. Unlike Napoleon Hill who was given a quest to start kick himself off on his self-help journey, Carnegie seemingly stumbled into it when he gave a course on public speaking to try and make some pocket money while he was strapped for cash in New York.

3)Tony Robbins.

Ah, Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins is also known as Anthony Robbins, and is a self-help guru that is still alive today (as of the year 2012). Tony Robbins actually managed to start generating attraction through infomercials by promoting seminars for public speakers such as Jim Rohn through his own personality.

Some of his famous publications include “Unleash the Power Within”, “Awaken the Giant Within”, “Date with Destiny”, “Unlimited Power” and so on. In all his publications, you can find that he has one simple action for everyone who is seeking for successful – the best way to accomplish things is just to simply take action. A lot of people tend to want a lot of things in life but they never take any action or even baby steps towards these goals.

I hope that whenever you feel down in your life in your self-help journey or quest, you can always remember the voices of these people in your head and the things and advice that they have given you. You might be surprised to see how much of a help it can actually make in your life!