5 Secrets To The Law Of Attraction That You Should Know

Have you always have trouble trying to understand this simple Law? Do you think you would be ready to start making a shift today in your understanding towards the Law of Attraction? If you are ready to do so today, then you might want to take note of these 5 secrets to the Law of Attraction which you can be processing and applying today in order to see profound changes in manifesting the things you want into your own life.

The first secret would be that the Law of Attraction actually only responds to who you really are. What this really means is that you need to be align with yourself and your own feelings towards your desires and the thing you want. For instance, you cannot possibly be desiring a posh car and yet feel resistance, fear or doubt in getting them. You need to be feeling the same and genuine positive feelings you would be feeling the moment you have gotten the car, rather than negative ones.

The second secret to the Law of Attraction is that being positive may not really be what you think it is. Being positive does not just refer to thinking positive thoughts, but rather it is also about including your feelings of being hopeful and excited. To be able to be using the Law of Attraction successfully, you would really need to resonate positivity through your feelings and emotions and not just voice it through your words or thoughts. I am sure a lot of times you would have seen people who claim that they are positive or happy, but when in fact deep inside a certain part of themselves there is a conflict about the things they want to attract or manifest into their lives.

The third secret is that a technique or process is really important in making use of the Law of Attraction. A person might have read hundreds of books on the Law of Attraction, book after book, but yet fail to attract the things they want can usually be traced back to not having a proper technique they can be using. Or they might have been hopping around from technique to technique and not sticking to one for long enough. As a rough gauge, it is best to be sticking to a technique or process for at least 3 months to 6 months, or even a year, before you can claim whether the technique really works a not.

The fourth secret is that knowing is not the same as realizing. A lot of people know and believe the Law of Attraction exist and also know the meaning behind the laws, but that does not necessarily mean they would know how to be able to apply it properly and correctly. Applying the law properly and correctly is something that is known as “realizing”, and it is something that cannot be taught but have to be realized on your own. It is the same as riding a bicycle or learning how to swim, an instructor can only be there beside you to tell you the rules and such, but the only person that can eventually learn how to swim or ride a bicycle on your own would be yourself.

The fifth secret would be to look for ancient truths and secrets. Even though the Law of Attraction has only become mainstream recently thanks to the famous movie also known as the secret, its origins can actually be traced back to as far as in the 1920s when people like Napoleon Hill and Charles F. Haanel mentioned the laws in their publications. A lot of the better and more effective techniques for the Law of Attraction can be found in such olden publications.

And there you have it – the 5 simple secrets to the Law of Attraction that you can be discovering, processing and applying today in achieving better results towards manifesting your desires or the things you want in your own life!