Abraham-Hicks Explained

Abraham-Hicks is a term that is coined up by mainly two persons or entities – Esther Hicks and a collective spirit consciousness who call themselves as Abraham. Abraham has claimed through Esther Hicks that they are actually a leading space edge creator of a group of consciousness which is also known as “The Source”, a term which we are all so familiar with.

Abraham-Hicks mainly specialise in helping, aiding and guiding people towards manifesting abundance, prosperity, relationships and money into their live through proper use of the Law of Attraction. So far, it would seem that Abraham-Hicks have since helped a lot of people to achieve their goals and dreams through their seminars, recordings and books.

Most of the seminars are held on top of cruises, which means that it is actually not cheap for anyone to attend the cruise. Yet you can often see that the tickets are sold out very quickly and the seminars are often packed full to the brim, which makes it quite difficult for anyone to actually doubt the credibility of Abraham-Hicks or Esther Hicks.

During the seminars itself, there is a “hot seat”, where a random person from the crowd will be chosen to ask any kind of question he or she would like to ask, and Abraham-Hicks will try their best to answer these questions through their infinite knowledge or intelligence. Most of the time, it would seem like there is almost no question under the Sun which Abraham-Hicks do not know how to answer at all!

The main technique that Abraham-Hicks often touch on is “getting into the vortex”, where is the place where only good feelings exist. They claim that the only way to attracting and achieving the things you want is to think only good and well-feeling thoughts, and this term always seems to surface up in 90% of the questions that Abraham-Hicks reply.

Why is it then we sometimes can so often hear the term “Abraham-Hicks Scam”? Well, one thing for sure is that with the advancement of technology, it is pretty difficult for anyone to actually believe that it is possible for someone to channel spirits through her body at anytime and anywhere she wants – as by doing so would also be equal to admitting that aliens and extra terrestrials exist in this universe.

The next thing, of course, is that Abraham-Hicks seminars are pretty expensive which has already been touched on. Most of the DVDs that are produced by Abraham-Hicks are also just simple recordings and cuts of each seminar and seem to only revolve the same thing, i.e The Law of Attraction.

Therefore, I conclude that there is no real way to prove whether Abraham-Hicks is for real a not. Each and everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and they should be big enough to decide for themselves. But before coming to any conclusions, I would suggest that one should really take the time to test and try out the techniques taught by Abraham-Hicks, as some of them are really very simple and easy to follow.