For The Sceptics

Let us all face it – in today’s world, there are still currently a lot of scepticism surrounding the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction first got its debut appearance on public TV from the famous Law of Attraction movie “The Secret”, where it was filmed by a cast of many other famous self-help and self-development professionals. Some examples of these people include Anthony Robbins, Joe Vitale and Bob Proctor.

Personally, it is hard for a person to claim that the Law of Attraction really exists even if he really believes in it, because to be able to employ the usage of the law properly is a completely different thing altogether. If a person who believes in the Law claims in front of his friends or relatives about this simple Law, you can definitely be sure the first question he would get is “If the Law really works, then prove it to me by using it right now!”

But believing and being able to use it is two completely different things altogether – just like you might believe you would be able to fly without wings, it does not necessarily mean you would be able to fly immediately without wings. Though you might be able to some years later when you discover something extraordinary that would allow you to be able to fly without any wings at all!

As for whether the Law of Attraction really works, it is really up to the individuals to decide. Some people think that certain coincidences are merely coincidences, but it might be best to start thinking deeper into it. For instance, have you ever thought of someone for a while and all of a sudden you get a phone call from him out of nowhere or manage to see him somewhere else? Have you ever seen people who keep striking lottery or winning their bets almost regularly? Have you ever seen people who met their lifelong partners at the weirdest kind of places you could ever imagine? Are these coincidences… really just merely coincidences, when you could actually take into account that there are at least 1,000 factors that will enable 2 people to meet in the same place without any pre-planned arrangement in advance?

Maybe, all of these might not really be the Law of Attraction at work. But that is because no one really knows whether this Law really exists or not, for any attempt to prove the Law wrong would actually be proving it right. One thing is for sure though – coincidences… can never be merely coincidences.