Law of Abundance

With the Law of Attraction increasing in popularity and being scrutinised and speculated on, you have people coming up with all kinds of law, such as the Law of Abundance, Law of Gratitude, and so on. But is the Law of Abundance really true a not, just like the Law of Attraction is?

First of all, we would need to clearly define what exactly is the Law of Abundance. Basically, the Law of Abundance just states that there is more than plentiful to go around in this world, and there will never be a lack of natural resources in the world. The world is filled with abundance, and more will always be created whenever people desire and need it.

The simplest example to see whether this is true would be to examine the amount of different species of plants and animals that are emerging everyday. No matter how much species go extinct, there would always seemingly be a lot more to take their places instead. A simple physical example that has been used a lot in self-help industries would be that if the world’s wealth were actually taken and divided among all of the people in the world, every person would actually have close to $7 million in cash. Furthermore, if every single tree in the world was used, there would actually be more than enough to provide every single person in the world to own a three thousand square feet home! And this value and figure is only going up every single day!

So how can you actually learn to apply the Law of Abundance into your own life? Well, it really is very simple – all you would need to do is to believe that the world has plentiful of resources to go around and that there is more than enough for everyone. Do not worry about earning more money fearing that the money would be better owned by someone else, because you can always choose what to do with the money and give it to them once you own it. Do not worry about not being able to get the girl of your dreams, for a similar one would be sure to come along not long after as long as you believe that there are similar and better girls out there.

Remove the feeling of lack from your life, and that would be the best way to be employing and utilising the Law of Abundance in your life well!