Living the Law

Really living the law of attraction on a daily basis and just knowing about the law of attraction is what separates the people who are actually living their ideal lives and those who are still dreaming about their ideal lives.

Thanks to the movie “The Secret” and talk show hosts like Oprah Winfrey and Larry King, many people have recently learned about the law of attraction. Yet so many people out there are still asking themselves why the LOA isn’t working for them. The reason is because they’re not really living the law of attraction on a daily basis, day in and day out.

To really live the law of attraction means that you are constantly aware of your thoughts and feelings, and if they are not focused in the direction of what you wish to create in your life, then you need to change them so that they are focused in that direction. This is easier said than done, so let me explain it a little further with an example…

Say you really want a promotion at work and have been working extra hours recently too in hopes of getting it. You are doing your best to focus on getting the promotion and visualising yourself in your new role, but every once in awhile a few doubts creep in and you’re scared that one of your co-workers will get the promotion instead. The day of performance evaluations arrive, and you find out that your co-worker did indeed get the promotion over you. Here’s where the conscious and intentional use of the law gets really important!

Instead of going home and sulking for the next few weeks about how you didn’t get the promotion, telling yourself you deserved it more than your co-worker, and that life is just plain unfair, you need to instead redirect all your thoughts and feelings so that they are focused on getting a promotion.

Now, it is going to be extremely difficult, but you can do it! And you will find that it gets easier in time, because eventually, your mind will stop fighting back so hard. The reason you want to focus on getting a promotion is because the universal law of attraction is always paying attention to us, and you never know… maybe your co-worker will leave the company and you will be promoted to replace her.

Or maybe another position in your company opens up and you are promoted to fill it. Or you get a call out of the blue from another company that would like to hire you in a higher position which is actually a promotion for you. You never know! But remember, the law of attraction is always at work, and is always listening to your thoughts and feelings.