Start Applying the Law of Attraction In Your Life

A lot of people are learning how to harness the power of positive thought and the Law of Attraction in order to try changing their own lives. With the advancement of technology in today’s century, it has created a fast paced living society and building up a large amount of stress and chaos in our busy lives. Applying the Law of Attraction into your own lives in order to attain success is actually a relatively simple and easy thing to do, but this often-misunderstood law is often not used properly enough.

The basis of the Law of Attraction states that You attract to yourself everything and anything which you actually give your focus, energy or attention to, be it whether they are unwanted or wanted things. For instance, if one has the thought of being wealthy and can see himself living a rich lifestyle in his imagination, then you can be sure that he would be able to attract money a lot more easier than someone who is focusing on having not enough money to pay the bills. The subconscious mind is a powerful thing and something that is still difficult to comprehend even for today’s intelligent scientists.

One easy way to start applying and using the law of attraction properly in your life is visualization. Through the use of visualization, one can fulfill his dreams a lot more easily. If you had always wanted to be a great basketball player like Michael Jordan, then imagine yourself holding a championship trophy and having tons of people around you cheering you on in the surroundings. Visualize yourself being able to slam-dunk and do wonderful 3 pointer shoots.

Whenever we are meditating on something, we are so-called to be “at peace” and at the Theta brainwave stage. The Theta brainwave school of thought is something which is very similar to hypnosis where our subconscious opens up to the world and becomes a lot more receptive to any suggestions you might have. Therefore, it is important that we make full use of this stage through the use of positive affirmations to change any bad habits you might have or just to fulfill your dreams and goals.

If you have been through high school, you must probably have came across this famous law by Newton: An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion. When we move our dreams away from the rest state and start to put them into proper action, we are making use of Newton’s law. In case you are wondering, yes of course, Newton’s law apply to things like thoughts, actions and feelings too. Isn’t that precisely one of the main reasons why it is called a “law”?

Another simple yet easy way to fully utilize the Law of Attraction is to show a sense of gratitude and be grateful for what you have. Being grateful to things in your life helps to bring positive feelings and you will start attracting more positive energy into your life. Simple thoughts and actions that only take a few minutes each day such as a little “Thank you” or greeting can really have a great impact on one’s feelings for the rest of their day.

Start making use of the Law of Attraction to achieve and attract the things you would like to have into your life!