Quantum Physics and the LOA

How does quantum physics actually relate to the Law of Attraction? Well, you might be surprised to know that they are actually quite closely related. On first sight, this might sound really ridiculous, but as you delve deeper and ponder over it for some time, you would be able to see quite a number of similarities between them.

Firstly, we must first look at what does the Law of Attraction actually state? Well, the Law of Attraction just states that anyone is able to manifest their own reality through their own thoughts, intentions and expectations. And from this it can be seen why it is not really that surprising for one to actually say that the Law of Attraction can be easily explained with the use of quantum physics.

At this point of time in the 21st century, quantum physics seem to be the most neglected, overlooked and misunderstood area of science and research. The main reason for this is because most scientists are uncomfortable to delve deeper into this topic, as quantum physic takes a much deeper look into the fabric of our own reality while attempting to explain how the very small and micro things affect the macro world.

Although some might say that the research and findings in quantum physics is far from complete, one could also say the same for many other different areas of science, as most of them are still undergoing development and improvement at this stage in life. But what we have found out about quantum physics is probably more than sufficient enough to help us understand what exactly is the role of the Law of Attraction in the world that we live in.

Take for instance, one of the actually most fascinating discoveries of quantum physics is that any kind of matter in the world can actually behave like a wave or a particle. What does this actually mean? This means that any kind of matter, whether it is a solid or not, can be in more than one place at a time – because they are not at a finite fixed point.

This finding was mainly gotten through the use of the famous slit-hole experiment that is being taught in the curriculum of most schools today. The experiment consists of making use of two slits and firing electrons through the two slits, and pretty interesting results surfaced.

The electrons were seen to be behaving like waves and causing a huge wave interference when they were not passing through the slits and acted like particles when they were passing through the slits. It is quite difficult to explain in words, but basically, it was just this – whenever the scientists conducted the experiment expected the electrons to behave like particles, they behaved exactly like particles. And when the scientists let go of their expectations, the particles behaved exactly like waves!

Now you can see the reason why quantum physics can be closely related to the Law of Attraction right?