Personal Recommendations/Resources

Jeannette Maw, GoodVibeBlog.

Jeannette Maw is a master law of attraction coach (the GoodVibeCoach) who really knows her stuff when it comes to the LOA! She runs the GoodVibeBlog, which you’ll know is truly first-rate by all the visitors and comments she gets. This blog is consistently rated in the top percentage of blogs, and it’s easy to see why. Jeannette’s postings are thoughtful, and really show you how to use the LOA in your daily life to get the best results.

You’ll also want to check out Jeannette’s ebook on┬ápray rain journals.

Pray rain journaling is an effective tool that really brings the law of attraction to life. Every day you write in your journal as if your dream has already come true (you’ve already lost the weight, you’ve already been hired for your perfect job, etc.). Write in detail, including as many specifics as you can. By the time your journal is finished, you will have either already manifested or your goal or be well on the way to it!

Denise Coates, Feel It Real.

Denise Coates is another top-notch law of attraction coach who really understands the LOA inside and out. Go to her website to learn about her Feel It Real book, her law of attraction boardgame (sounds fun!), and the various LOA-based programs she offers to improve your relationship with money, meet your soulmate or find your dream career.

Michael J. Losier, LOA expert.

Michael Losier is the author of the popular book, Law of Attraction. This book is a fast read, and if you haven’t already read it you might want to get a copy. It’s pretty simple, but so is the law of attraction! Michael’s website is very comprehensive, with LOA articles, videos, and even certification programs if you’d like to become a law of attraction program facilitator.