How To Use A Vision Board

Vision boards are actually a great way in helping you to harness the power of the Law of Attraction to manifest prosperity, abundance, love and all kinds and all sorts of many other great things into your life. Although vision boards can be really powerful when used properly, it is sad that a lot of people are actually using them the wrong way to try and manifest the things they want into their lives. Without further ado, here are 3 very simple ways you can be using today to maximise the benefits you would be getting out of your vision boards today:

1. Look for other people who have already achieved what you have put on your vision board

When you do not know of anyone who has achieved the things you have put on your vision board, you might feel that the things you want are pretty out of your reach and impossible for yourself to achieve. By actively seeking out different people who have managed to achieve the things you have put on your vision board and notice at they are just normal humans just like you are, it would help you to increase your belief that what you are trying to achieve is indeed very possible. Who knows, you might even end up being great friends with them and getting some help from them to propel you towards your goals and dreams!

2. Take careful note of your own emotions

If you are using negative feelings to look at your vision board thinking things like “I would like this brand new car but…. I don’t think ….” you are not making full use of your vision board and you might even be making things worse for yourself instead. The real clue to making the Law of Attraction work for you is your feelings and emotions, and you must be able to feel the kind of satisfying or happy feelings you would be getting the moment you have achieved your goals or dreams.

3. Be careful of your own thoughts

This is in tandem with Point 2 above. If you have negative emotions, it is usually because you are thinking negative thoughts. It would be best to try and phrase empowering questions in a different way and to use your words differently. For instance, throw negative words such as “I can’t”, “I won’t be able to” out of your dictionary and change them to something that is more empowering for yourself.

A vision board can be something that is really powerful in manifesting the things you want into your life, so if you have created your own vision board, you definitely should consider starting one soon!