What is Metaphysics?

If you have found yourself on this page, you might have probably been asking yourself: What exactly is Metaphysics? In case you haven’t realized, by just asking that simple question you are also employing the use of metaphysics.

Here are some familiar questions you might have asked yourself before in life that are actually quite closely related to the field of metaphysics:

Who am I?

Does God really exist?

Is there life after death?

What is my life purpose?

How can I employ the use of the Law of Attraction to manifest abundance, prosperity and happiness into my life?

and so on…

In scientific terms, metaphysics have been classified as under a branch of philosophy and has been defined as the study that examines and scrutinizes closely the true nature of reality, be it whether it can be seen by the naked eye or not.

Although metaphysics is known to be closely related and linked to spirituality and spiritual issues, it is not considered as a religion on its own.

But it is easy to find a distinct similarity between all those who are interested in metaphysics or have come across this term in their life – most of them are usually people who are mostly interested in self-development and self-help. The area of self-help and self-development can also be neatly classified as under a sub-branch of metaphysics all on its own.

In a nutshell, metaphysics is basically the study and research of things that are very difficult to prove by mainstream science for some reasons – stuff such as whether ghosts, aliens or extraterrestrials really exist and whether there is life on other planets.

In case you also haven’t realised why it is also so difficult to define the term metaphysics all by its own, it is because this is also a part of metaphysics – to be putting the unexplainable into words on paper.

The first origins of metaphysics came from well-known philosophers in history such as Aristotle and Thales, though this field was quickly demystified and brushed off by many scientists as ridiculous. It is only with the rapid advancement of technology and freak incidents that have happened around the world that cause human beings to maintain an open mind and look deeper and closely into this field of study once again, in order to find out the answers they have always been yearning to learn about all along.