What is Psitek?

This article is a very short review on the free Law of Attraction resource site also famously known as Psitek. Psitek is owned by a person who goes by the pen name of Simon Templeton, and no one really knows how he looks like or what he actually do for a living.

There are currently close to 50 over Metaphysics and Law of Attraction books on Psitek and more and more books are being added every single day. The books there are probably enough for anyone to read in their whole life as some of them are over a few hundred pages!

If you are skeptical and think that it is illegal to be sharing such books online, then I would have to urge you to think again and check out the site. Most of the books on the site have actually been passed down since ancient times and been licensed for the public domain by the author or publisher – because they want to contribute back to this world which we call humanity and mankind. Some books are also contributed by authors whom are still alive in this world.

For anyone who is dumbstruck by the vast amount of wealth and knowledge on the site and not know what books they should start reading first, here are some recommendations, “Think And Grow Rich”, “As A Man Thinketh”, “The Master Key System” are the ones you should be starting to read first, and after you have completed them you can move on to any other ones depending on whether you like the first look of it a not.

Simon Templeton has also always been contemplating to start a vibrational workshop relating to the Law of Attraction to help normal people like us to achieve the things we want in life much more easily, but this has been an ongoing project for a long time and no one is really sure when it will be completed and what it is really all about.

If you have always been interested in finding and reading out about the Law of Attraction, success principles and metaphysical stuff, then I assure you that you will definitely enjoy Psitek – just as I enjoyed myself the first time I found the site.