What is the Law of Attraction?

Some of you might have wondered before to yourself: “What exactly is the Law Of Attraction?” Just one to two years ago, a famous movie called “The Secret” brought about this huge shift in awareness towards the Law Of Attraction.

Law of Attraction is just but a simple law which can be summarized into one sentence: Your thoughts become things, and you become what you think you are. The Law of Attraction also states that everything in this world is actually made up of vibrations, and these include money, your own body, your computer, animals… basically anything you can see, feel or touch are just vibrations, even your own thoughts.

Some people are still sceptical of the Law of Attraction because it is indeed very difficult for one to believe that it is possible to attract anything you want just by “thinking”. Yet many traces of the Law of Attraction being mentioned can be found in historical self help and self development books such as the famous Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

As the years go by, more and more people are beginning to coming to accept the Law of Attraction as it is, while some accept it with certain limitations. But the most ironic and funny thing surrounding this simple law is that any attempt to prove the law wrong, would actually be proving the Law right!

The Law of Attraction has brought about many changes in the thought of new ages, which you can read more about it here at Wikipedia.

For me personally, I indeed to believe that the Law is true, but I have yet to master the usage of it properly and clearly, which was I have set up this site in the first place, to meet other people with similar goals like me, people who also want to master this Law for their own benefits.

Feel free to explore around this site, and I hope you will enjoy the stay here.